Client: Academy of Dance
March 2015
Task: Website Redesign, Marketing Update


Academy of Dance is a local dance studio that has served the local community for nearly fifty years. New competitors to the market forced the studio to deal with its problem website whose dated design and small pictures were turning away potential customers. Academy of Dance needed a new website that emphasized the experience and professionalism of its studio over its competitors.

Compass Websites helped AoD identify its target audience for marketing: young mothers of preschool and elementary aged children. We then analyzed other dance studio websites to see what information might be missing from AoD’s current website.

Our focus for the new website design is on big, colorful images of both performances and classroom candid photos to show a progression of dancer growth. We changed the content so that the emphasis is on the studio instructors’ and director’s experience over their less experienced competitors. We also explained the benefit of the studio’s teaching techniques, whole child philosophy, and the quality of the studio facilities. We wanted to de-emphasize the old ‘Call Now!’ focus and make the experience more informational so that users’ questions are answered by the site and online registration is simple.

We help manage all of the social media sites for Academy of Dance so that the marketing message is more consistent across all online media. We handle several aspects of the studio’s print marketing as well.


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