Gibbs Farm Produce

Gibbs Farms Produce is a small family farm whose focus is on providing healthy, fresh peas, butterbeans, pecans, and peanuts to a growing market of buyers in Middle and South Georgia. The Gibbs family’s website was cute and functional, but rife with grammar and spelling errors, and out of date photos, particularly of the Gibbs children who were an important feature of the Gibbs Farm marketing strategy.

The website also had an online shopping cart that didn’t contribute to sales or adequately represent the full range of products available. Hours of operation and farmers’ market locations where products could be purchased were also missing from the site.

Because we appreciated what worked about the Gibbs Farm ‘family’ theme, Compass Websites cleaned up the existing website content by correcting the errors and eliminating the ‘broken’ cart. We created a new, one-page, scrolling, mobile-responsive site, and added an image slider to feature the children in updated photos that link to different sections of the site.

Before Image