Georgia Alliance for Raw Milk

Georgia Alliance for Raw Milk is a non-profit organization that provides information to consumers about local food legislation in Georgia and nearby states. The organization seeks to raise public awareness of the current legal environment for small food producers and consumers using raw milk legislation as its main cause.

GA-ARM had a strong presence on Facebook for several years, but no website. Compass Websites developed a new GA-ARM site to give a brief but compelling outline of the organization’s ideals, as well as provide links to sister organizations who share the same goals. The website also provides a way for visitors to sign up for additional information or volunteer opportunities.

The simple site uses modern fonts, scrolling text, and big, colorful images to engage the user. The site was built in less than two days and is an example of how quickly a site can be constructed using Compass Websites’ templates and resources.

Compass Websites now manages the GA-ARM Facebook page, and created and manages a new Twitter account as well. Compass Websites is working on new logo that will bridge the marketing efforts online, and creating a series of events to help with public awareness.