Websites are as necessary to small businesses today as the phone book was to business 40 years ago.

They are critical to helping customers find you. Compass Websites helps you exercise control over your web presence.

We guarantee website updates within 2 business days.

We will set up your business' social media for free, or help manage it for a small fee.

We'll work with your existing marketing materials to make sure that your website, your business cards, and your other promotional materials all project a consistent brand.

You've met the two types of businesses we compete with.

Everyone has a friend of a friend who can make a web page. Everyone who has ever owned a business knows what 'Big Marketing' is like.

A Friend of a Friend

Your friend of a friend is cheap, but inconsistent, and unreliable. Maybe in a few weeks you have a website that is half of what you asked for. When you ask for an update, either they've moved on, or it takes forever.

Big Marketing

Big marketing firms are expensive and intimidating. They focus on traditional marketing methods, and might be too large to give new mediums a chance. Many require more money for regular updates.

We're offering a chance to work with someone different.

Compass Websites has experience managing websites for businesses just like yours. We're a small team with low overhead, and we're always on the lookout for ways to improve website and social media performance.

Responsive Websites

In today's world of tablets and smartphones, we can provide your business with the best possible website on all devices.

Quick, Worry-Free Updates

You retain control over your website with updates posted within 2 business days.